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snXXXis -"Sublingual Paratha Mediations"

Coolatta Lounge presents: "Sublingual Paratha Mediations" -- the latest offering from the mysterious Coolatta Lounge recording artist snXXXis … a concept album fusing the twin landscapes of the human digestive tract and the Mojave Desert … inspired by deep appreciation of the flatbread “PARATHA” (or “CHAPATI”) introduced to me by legendary Chicago restaurant Ghareeb Nawaz … "Sublingual Paratha Mediations" is a concept album about simulating the experience of being a paratha as it gets eaten, as it fuses with the cells in your body … trying to determine where the paratha ends and where you begin. Searching for the boundary between the two but realizing there is none.

“As you melt into the paratha, so too does the paratha melt into you…”

Dedicated to Ghareeb Nawaz.
Full concept essay available here:…97f-d41827c32f86


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